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Question MP3 Download Sites?


I wonder if anyone here knows of any really good MP3 download sites (outside of Amazon & Play ... I'm only interested in legal ones) as I am going a bit loopy on getting some of the older music I used to like? I'm specifically interested in ones that do some of the more esoteric (if that's the word) 70's/80's 12" mix funk/jazz-funk/dub stuff that I used to like before I turned to rock.

So far I am using Play, Amazon UK & Amazon US ... I've investigated Traxsource & Juno Download at someone else's suggestion but they either don't have I'm after and are rather more expensive than my more conventional sources. I'm not exactly an Apple fan so iTunes is out.

I found a site called which looked promising but turned out to be Russian ... unfortunately Russian MP3 sites tend to have a dubious reputation with the music industry and, although I am embracing MP3 downloads for some music (I mostly get CD's and rip them myself) I am determined to stay legal as far as I can.

Another site I found out about was eMusic which, at 10/month, would get me about 40 downloads plus I'd get 25 free downloads to start. There's also Napster & Rhapsody but these seem to be more streaming oriented which is not what I'm after ... guess I'm old-school and I'm after pure downloads so I end up with a decent quality MP3's (no DRM) which I have the legal right to play.

So anyone know of any other decent (and legal) MP3 download sites?

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