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when installing a root CA the Enterprise root CA is greyed out

when installing a root CA the Enterprise root CA is greyed out

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Old 1st August 2008, 18:08
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Default when installing a root CA the Enterprise root CA is greyed out

Hi guys!

I have a problem with trying to install a root CA on our network.

When i go through the wizard to install the CA i only have the option for a standalone CA and the enterprise options are greyed out.

I think this might be because I am not an enterprise admin.

We have a top level domain and a child domain. The top levle domain is used for nams sake only in anticipation of other networks being migrated to the one forest. The domain is running in 2003 mode while the forest is in 2000 mode.

With this in mind I logged onto the top level DC and tried to add myself to the enterprise admins group (via a group). I modified the enterprise admins group and clicked to chenge the location it was looking for items and selected the sub domain. I then clicked the objects button to to check that users and groups were selected and all that was showing was contacts and other objects. Why is this?!

Finally, I installed a standalone root CA on a test box. When i did this it installed all the templates yet when i didi this in a live environment the templates are missing.

Can anyone help?



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